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.BIZ (Business) - The internet's official global web address for business.
.US (United States) - The official country code of the United States.
.INFO (Information) - Great choice for a wide variety of interests and pursuits.
.TV (Television) - Media, music, entertainment, news, video & social networking.
.MOBI (Mobile) - Made for displaying internet content on mobile phones.
.COM, .CO, .NET, and .ORG Domain Names.
.IN (India) - The official country code of India.
JOBS - The most complete collection of premium jobs domains on the internet.
California.biz Miami.biz NewYorkCity.biz
NewOrleans.biz Condos.biz CreditScore.biz
Premium domain names are the ultimate drivers of online business and quality online branding. Companies of all sizes and varieties are gaining a competitive edge on their peers by adopting generic domain names which represent their location, their industry, or both.

Our company acquire and monetize only premium quality domain names within leading business categories. PremiumDomains.US specialize in geo domain names and real estate domain names among other high interest areas.

.BIZ is the official business web address of the internet and is experiencing continual adoption by the world's leading corporations as well as small local businesses both in the USA and abroad.

.US is the official web address of the United States, and is technically referred to as America's official "country code". Other countries operate with their own two letter country code domain such as Canada (.ca), Mexico (.mx), Japan (.jp), and China (.cn).

.INFO is the internet's official information web address offering a familiar and intuitive domain name choice for a wide variety of applications.
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